M&M Spicy Sesame Chicken and Rice

Rating: 5 Pugs

This frozen meal from M&M excites me and I don’t get excited over gluten free products very often!

The rice, the sauce, the chicken… It is all delicious. I think my favourite thing is that it is real chicken breast and not “white chicken breast meat” that many companies use in their frozen entrees. There is also lots of chicken, they were not meager about it. The sauce is spicy but not the knock you off your chair, put tears in your eyes kind of spicy. If you are like me and get heartburn from spicy foods, take something before you eat this:)

M&M has a variety of gluten free options. I have tried many of them, but this is definitely one of my favourites. Gluten Free – Ready Made Meals | M&M Food Market Click the link to check out everything they have available. I still stand by my previous statement… Stay away from the Country Style Chicken unless you like the spice profile that is similar in breakfast sausage patties. It is a particular set of spices used that do not appeal to my taste buds but may appeal to yours.

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