M&M Crunchy Chicken Variety Pack

Rating: 3.5 Pugs

This is another instance where the taste deserves a higher rating than I gave it. I don’t just consider taste in my ratings, I have to consider all aspects of the product. M&M’s Crunchy Chicken Variety Pack has its pros and cons. The chicken is real chicken breast meat (definite pro). The coating bakes crunchy with no remnants of a soggy coating (I hate when breaded chicken does that). 

These chicken chunks have three flavoured coatings with a dipping sauce for each one. Parmesan Panko Chicken, Barbecue Chicken, Buffalo Chicken. They were all tasty, but I didn’t love all of the sauces. My favourite sauce was the parmesan sauce. 

This is why my rating is lower… It has to do with consistency and quantity. I was disappointed by how much of each flavour of chicken there was. Each flavour came in a separate bag that was unlabelled, so I had to guess based on the colour which one went with which sauce. The sauces, though obvious are labelled. There were only a few in each bag and the size of the chicken pieces varied from what you would expect a chicken chunk to look like down to the size of a pop-corn chicken. This made the baking process challenging as the smaller bits were burned if I left them in for the recommended baking time.

To see a list of available gluten free products from M&M Food Market visit their website: Gluten Free – Ready Made Meals | M&M Food Market (mmfoodmarket.com)

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