O’Doughs Flatbread

Rating: 3 Pugs

I already love O’Doughs bagel thins and now I love their flatbread. You can do so much with it, garlic bread, focaccia, and pizza to name a few. Gluten free, Non GMO, and vegan! 1/2 of a flatbread is only 140 calories and has 3g of fiber, and 3g of protein. Tangent alert: I keep wanting to spell protein using the “i” before “e” rule. Every single time, I have to auto-correct it. Now Back to the product. Flatbreads come in original and multi-grain. I bought the multi-grain, but I am guessing the original is just as good.

O’Doughs has a wide variety of bread products, to view their full list click this link Products – O’Doughs

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