It’s Bells Lets Talk Day

Today is Bell Lets Talk Day and the perfect time to talk about situational depression. People who do not usually suffer from depression are currently experiencing this due to the pandemic. Situational depression can be as severe as long-term depression, the difference is one is long term and chronic and the other will pass. If you are feeling depressed right now there is no shame in talking to your doctor about a mild antidepressant or seeing a therapist. This can help tremendously until things get back to normal and you are feeling like your usual self again. If you are feeling this way I sympathize with you. It can be very scary, especially if this is your first time struggling with depression. I hope you will feel better soon. On another note, I also hope it gives you some insight as to what it might be like for people who have long-term chronic depression. I hope you have more empathy, patience, and understanding for those that will continue to suffer long after the pandemic is over. It all comes down to kindness. You can’t tell by looking at someone how long they have been struggling with depression. Treat people the way you would like to be treated during your crisis.

Thank you, Bell for having your Lets Talk Day every January! I hope it encourages more people to talk about mental illness. To learn more click here.

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