unpizza supreme

Rating: 3 Pugs
If you read my review on the unbun you would know I am not a huge fan. Regardless I believe I owe it to my readers to try as many gluten free products as I can.

What can I say about the unpizza? It is grain free, 7g of non-fibre carbohydrates, 1/3 of the pizza is only 240 calories, it contains 15 g of protein per serving, and is certified Keto.

The flavour (toppings & sauce) on this pizza are very good. I didn’t mind the flavour of the crust. Where it failed in my eyes is the consistency. It was very soggy. This may be because instead of placing it directly on the oven rack, I used a pizza pan. I don’t like to dirty my oven racks, so soggy pizza I got. You will see from one of my photos below just how droopy it was.

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