Tilda Steamed Rice

Rating: 3 to 4.5 pugs depending on the flavour
I will admit, I am terrible at cooking rice, it never turns out. So I cheat and I buy Tilda rice. This rice takes 2 minutes in the microwave and it’s straight to my belly.

This nifty steamed microwave rice comes in a wide variety to choose from.
Wholegrain Basmati
Fragrant Jasmine
Pilau Basmati (My favourite)
Wholegrain Pilau Basmati
Premium USA Long Grain
Firecracker Basmati
Coconut Basmati
Peri Peri Basmati
Caribbean Rice & Peas
Coconut, Chilli & Lemongrass Basmati
Egg Fried Rice
Japanese Teriyaki Jasmine Rice
Katsu Curry Rice
Lemon & Herbs Basmati
Lime & Coriander Basmati
Mushroom Basmati (My 2nd favourite)
Spicy Mexican Rice
Sweet Chilli & Lime Basmati
Tomato & Basil Basmati
White & Brown Basmati
Wholegrain Basmati & Wild Rice
Wholegrain Basmati Rice & Quinoa
Wholegrain Hot Jalapeno Rice
Wholegrain Toasted Coconut Jasmine Rice

Most of these I have not seen in my local grocery store, therefore; I do not know if all varieties are gluten free – please read the label before purchasing. They also have a selection of rice flavours for kids. You can check out their website: tilda.com

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