Neal Brothers Deep Blue + Flax Tortillas

Rating: 5 Pugs 

I love blue corn tortillas. Neal Brothers added flax to theirs, and it has made them even better. You can taste the blue corn, but the flax adds this nice earthy nuttiness and extra crunch that I love! If you don’t care for flax seeds, you can also buy them in Deep Blue or in Original.

They are thick, so they hold up well with dips or loaded nachos (important quality in a tortilla). They are also organic, low in sodium, and peanut free.

Neal Brothers have a variety of snacks including kettle chips, salsa’s, pretzels, and sauces (not all of their products are gluten free). I am dying to try their kettle chips, specifically the Sweet & Smokey BBQ which (according to their website) are gluten free, dairy free, non GMO, nut free, peanut free, plant based, and vegetarian. They sound delicious and I need my grocery store to start selling them immediately!

Visit their website to see a full list of products available: Home – Neal Brothers Foods

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