Irresistibles Stuffed Pasta Shells

Rating: 3 pugs
As a non-ricotta fan, I went into this taste test assuming I would not like it. After all, the shells are stuffed with only seasoned ricotta cheese. I did not dislike it as much as I thought I would. I think because the pasta shells were small enough that the amount of ricotta inside did not overpower the overall flavours in the dish. I kind of liked it.

I was disappointed with the serving size. There were only three pasta shells. In the product picture, they look large, but in reality, they were quite small. The pasta did hold together unlike the pasta in their lasagna. I also enjoyed the sauce but there was more sauce than necessary for the amount of pasta in the dish.

The meal is 520 calories. I’m sure that is because of all of the cheese, so if you are a cheese lover then go right ahead. I personally don’t think the amount of calories is worth what you get.

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