Udi’s Roasted Garlic Mac & Cheese with Spinach

Rating: 2.5 Pugs

I like the flavour of this 4 cheese pasta dish but I ran into one problem. I couldn’t get the pasta to cook properly. Following the directions or even cooking it longer gave me the same results, the pasta was too firm (for my liking). It is strange to me because I buy their cheddar cheese mac & cheese entrée all the time and the pasta cooks properly.

Udi’s has so many products to choose from, as I try them I will continue to post about them on this blog. . They have 13 different frozen meals to choose from. I have only seen about 4 of them in my local grocery store. I would love to walk into a grocery store one day and see all of them, so I can do some serious taste testing.

For more details on Udi’s gluten free frozen meals click here

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