Chicken & Peas on Fusilli with Creamy Cheese

This is one of my quick meal recipes and a great way to use leftover chicken and vegetables. I had a leftover grilled chicken breast and some cooked sweet peas in the fridge. I was not in the mood to eat it as is like I had the day before. I decided to make a quick pasta dish. It was delicious. Here is what I did.


1 serving of Catelli gluten free fusilli (1 1/4 cups)

1 seasoned grilled chicken breast (mine was from M&M, but homemade is much better)

1 serving sweet peas (3/4 cup). I use frozen.

4 to 6 wedges of Laughing Cow (I only used 4).

A splash of milk

Salt & Pepper


Season and grill your chicken or use leftover grilled chicken breast. Cook peas (I do it in the microwave to save time). Boil water, then add pasta and cook until it is still slightly firm (overcooking will result in mushy pasta). While pasta is cooking in a small saucepan over low heat add in 4 to 6 Laughing Cow wedges, it comes in different flavours (I use the light version). Add in a splash of milk (too much milk will result in runny cheese sauce, you want it to be thick and creamy). Stir frequently. If you want it to work faster then smoosh your cheese wedges..

Once pasta is cook, drain and return to pot, and set aside (away from heat). Pour on your Laughing Cow cheese sauce and stir until all pasta is covered. Add some salt and pepper to taste. Stir in the peas. Chop up chicken breast and place on top.

This recipe is for a single serving but you can expand it if you like.

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