Stellas Perogies

Rating: 3.5 Pugs, 4.5 Pugs if you cook them using my instructions.

These gluten free, egg free, soy free, dairy free, non GMO and vegan perogies are delicious. I was expecting to be able to tell the difference between these and gluten perogies, but the way I cooked them, they tasted exactly the same. I am so in love with this product. 1 serving (4) perogies are 245 calories. You can read how I cook mine to perfection below.

How I make my Perogies taste awesome.


In a frying pan cook 3 slices of gluten free bacon. While bacon is cooking, boil 1 portion of perogies until cooked through. Be careful not to leave them in too long, you don’t want them to get too soft or fall apart. Once perogies are cooked remove from water and set aside. After bacon is cooked set aside and remove part of the bacon grease from the pan. In the remainder of grease add in diced onion, perogies, and chopped up bacon. Sprinkle a dash of dill weed on each side of the perogies. Fry until golden brown on both sides. Place it all on a plate and add sour cream. It is guaranteed delicious! I used Dion Spices (Dill) and Schneider’s Country Naturals Bacon

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