Little Northern Bakehouse

Rating: 4.5 Pugs

Little Northern Bakehouse Whole Grain Wide Slice Bread. Finally a gluten free bread worthy of the name “bread.” I am so excited about this product, I don’t think I will ever buy any other gluten free bread again. It is 100% plant based, Non GMO and vegan.

This full-sized slice of yumminess has the elasticity you would find in a gluten bread. The flavour is fantastic, it is not dry. I love it! It holds together (even untoasted). It makes all my sandwiches taste better. I even thaw out a slice or two and spread butter on it. 170 calories for 2 slices, I can’t say enough about this bread. You need to buy it and try it and I hope you love it as much as I do! Oh, and they also make bagels, buns, and pizza crusts. I haven’t seen them in the grocery store yet, but as soon and I do, I will try them all and report back.

For more information on Little Northern Bakehouse Breads click here.

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