Udi’s Crispy Thin Crust Pizza

Rating: 5 Pugs

Udi’s has changed their pizza and for the better! Not only is it larger, but it also has this wonderful crispy thin crust. This change has pushed Udi’s up the ranks to my second favourite gluten free store-bought pizza, maybe even my first. Way to go Udi’s!

I had their Margherita pizza. It has no artificial colours or flavours and 23g of protein per serving. A serving is 1/2 the pizza. I cut it into 6 slices and had 3 for lunch and 3 for dinner.

Baking Tip: For an extra crispy crust use a pizza stone and enjoy that crunch in every bite! As you can see from the picture, I overcooked mine a bit, but it was still delightful.
They have multiple varieties to choose from, including two with a sweet potato crust. So far I have only tried the margherita.

Gluten Free Pizza & Crust | Udi’s (udisglutenfree.com)

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