Travelling to Costa Rica?

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country full of beauty, exotic animals, and adventure. Whether you choose to stay at your resort and relax or explore the magic of one of their rain forests, there is something that will peak everyone’s interests.

This Luxury Beach Resort is located in Peninsula Papagayo, surrounded by lush forestry, private from the rest of the world. This hidden gem offers first-class service. The amenities will knock your socks off! Keep in mind, you don’t go to Costa Rica for the stunning beaches, you go for the experience.

Gluten Free Dining at this resort was easy breezy. They are more than prepared to accommodate your dietary needs. With 6 restaurants and a buffet, there are plenty of choices, including 24-hour free room service.

Guys Burger Joint

Do you like Guy Fieri? His burgers are delicious. I can’t eat the bun, but they were knowledgeable and more than happy to grill me a burger wrapped in lettuce.

So Cal Gourmet Food Emporium

Otherwise, know as their buffet. Open for breakfast and dinner (lunch is served by the pool at one of the other restaurants). Although not a great choice for celiacs due to cross-contamination, it is suitable for breakfast. They have lots of fresh fruits, a smoothie bar and, an omlet station. The lady who ran the omelet station always kept an eye out for me. She made sure she had a clean pan for my omelet with one of their gluten free cheese varieties from the cheese bar (I couldn’t have the processed cheese at that station). She definitely got a tip.

East Sushi & Teppanyaki Bar.

I ate there once because my travel companion wanted to try it. It would have been easy to accommodate my needs if I ate fish. I, however, do not. Nonetheless, they were able to make me a suitable dish free from gluten that I enjoyed.

Sunset Strip Steak House & Grill

I ate there more than once. Their steak was incredible and their french onion soup was the best I ever had. I could have just about anything I wanted and they would adjust it to be gluten free.

Blue Star Tex Mex Cantina

My choices were limited. They were able to make me a meal. It was ok, but I preferred the other restaurants.

Gusto Italian Trattora

Funny story, although annoying at the time. I had a reservation. They knew I was gluten free but when I got there they didn’t have any gluten free pasta. I asked why, because I knew that they had it at the Steak House. Of all the places you would think it would be is at an Italian restaurant. Anyway, I kindly asked them to go and get some. In my mind, I shouldn’t have had to ask, they should have known It was required to be there that evening. Once that was sorted out, I enjoyed my meal, but still kept thinking about that steak house. On some evenings we would double dip and go back to the steak house for their french onion soup. We couldn’t get enough of it.

Overtime Sports Bar

They did not have any gluten free options.

24-Hour Room Service

This was the first time I was at a resort that offered this service. I loved it. Late one night I was starving. I called down. I told them I was gluten free, they sent me up a grilled chicken breast with potatoes and vegetables. Although eating a meal in the middle of the night, isn’t the best for your gut, I needed something to eat.

All and all, it was a great experience. They always knew where I would be dining and made sure the staff was aware that I had a special diet. They did everything they could to accommodate my needs. I was really impressed by their service.

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