Gay Lea and Western Sour Cream

Hands down, my favourite sour cream is Western. It is thick, it is creamy, it is so delicious I can eat it plain right off the spoon. It is better than any popular name-brand sour cream I have ever had. Western is part of Gay Lea and all of their products are gluten free. See below.

Are Gay Lea’s products gluten-free?

“Yes – all of Gay Lea’s products are gluten-free. Our production facilities are also free of gluten” .FAQ | Gay Lea

This applies to Gay Lea, Western, and Hewitt’s Dairy.

They make:

Butter (Gay Lea)

Specialty Butter (Gay Lea)

Cottage Cheese (Gay Lea)

Sour Cream (Gay Lea, Western, Hewitt’s)

Whipped Cream (Gay Lea)

Milk (Gay Lea “Lacteeze” and Hewitt’s)

Cheese (Ivanhoe, Salerno, Black River, Francos, Western, Hewitt’s)

Yogurt (Western, Hewitt’s)

Cream Cheese (Gay Lea, Western)

Frozen Treats (Hewitt’s)

Cream (Hewitt’s)

Goat’s Milk Products (Hewitt’s)

Many of these products I have never seen in grocery stores across the Niagara Region. Perhaps they are in your grocery stores!

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