Kaizen Naturals Protein Powder

Why do I like this product?

First of all, it is gluten free. I always buy unflavoured because I can’t have artificial sweeteners and you can add this to anything. Who wants vanilla flavoured soup?

Each scoop is 100% whey protein with 24g of protein, 2g of sugar and, 2.5g of fat. This unflavoured protein powder can be used in a variety of recipes. Protein power ball, smoothies, desserts, cookies. It adds a creamy texture to soups instead of adding cream, add protein powder.

You don’t have to use the full scoop. Depending on how much protein you want to add to your recipe you can add 1/2 a scoop. If you are making a large recipe you may want to add multiple scoops, so each serving has the amount of protein you are looking for.

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