Orville Redenbacher

Rating: 3.5 Pugs

Orville Redenbacher Lightly Buttered 50% Less Fat Microwave Popcorn

For years I have been popping Orville Redenbacher kernels in my air popper. Their popping kernels are gluten free, Non GMO, high in fiber, and have no artificial preservatives.

This past year my air popper stopped popping and I was devastated. It was one of my favourite evening snacks. I had been preparing it this way for so long, I was afraid to go back to microwave popcorn. I asked my mom for a new air popper for Christmas (which I got). In the meantime, I was forced to buy microwave popcorn.

I was so delighted when I tried Orville Redenbacher’s lightly buttered microwave popcorn. It was delicious. Some microwave popcorns can leave an oily film on the roof of your mouth but not this one. Also gluten free, I would buy this product again in a heartbeat. Especially if I was travelling to visit friends and cannot take my air popper with me.

Thanks Orville Redenbacher!


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