Rating: 3.5 Pugs

Picture this, it’s a cold winter night and I am feeling like warm comfort food. I rummage around my kitchen to find something adequate. What I found was more than adequate, It was soothing, like chicken noodle soup when you are sick. I am not currently sick, so out with the chicken and in with this tasty Pho noodle bowl.

Gluten free and low on calories. It comes with 1 seasoning pouch and two pouches that contain flavoured oils. It does not need the oil packets. I just use the seasoning and in my mind, that means I have reduced the fat and calories significantly. I have only seen this product for sale in one place, Costco. You have to buy a case of it, but it is nice to have on hand.

You can make a quick healthy meal by stir frying veggies and chicken and adding it to the bowl.

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