Wheat Derivatives

Because gluten free living is not hard enough, wheat can be listed in product labels as one of the following derivatives.

Durham – Emmer – Semolina – Spelt – Farina – Farro – Graham – Kamut (Khorasan wheat) – Einkorn Wheat – Wheat berries (Celiac Disease Foundation website)

If I have missed any please leave a comment and I will add it to this page.

Why I find it confusing?

Often in stores, the gluten free section is in the organics or specialty section. This means that gluten free products can be right next to products that contain unfamiliar ingredient names for wheat. It is easy to grab the wrong product. You may see the product contains Graham flour and think to yourself, it does not say wheat so it must be safe. It drives me nuts to see Sprouted grain bread beside my gluten free bread, because not all sprouted grain bread is gluten free.

Short Story

A few years into my celiac journey I was in the gluten free section at my local grocery store. I grabbed my usual brand of rice pasta. The next time I had pasta for dinner I was amazed at how good it was. Wow, this pasta tastes just like “gluten” pasta. I was so shocked that I rechecked the package and saw that I had purchased Spelt Pasta. The packaging was the same colour and it was right next to the rice pasta. I must have been in a hurry and simply grabbed the wrong package. This just proves my point that there should be some separation on the shelves between gluten free and organic products.

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