Quaker Gluten Free Oats

Rating: 4 Pugs

Quaker Gluten Free Oats

Although not all celiacs can tolerate oats, many can.

You can buy a container of Quaker Gluten Free Quick Oats from most grocery stores. They do not taste any different from other quick oat products. The only difference is they are sourced from farms that do not also process wheat, barley, or rye or they have a separate facility to process them.

There are so many ways to enjoy gluten free oats. I try to be health-conscious when having oatmeal so my favorite way to eat them is as follows…

Cook your Quaker Gluten Free Quick Oats as per instructions. Add in unsweetened apple sauce and lots of cinnamon. It is a healthy and delicious way to start your day!

Check out my recipe for power balls using Quaker gluten free oats under the category recipes, search power balls or click the Quaker tag below.

For more gluten free products by Quaker visit their site Gluten Free | Quaker Oats

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