Gluten Free Power Balls

Gluten Free Power Balls

They are a great little snack when you are feeling peckish. The great thing about power balls is you can add what you want to them. If you want high protein, add in protein powder. If you want them to be more indulgent, add in a few chocolate chips. I change my recipe all of the time, depending on what I feel like tasting. Here is my current recipe.

Gluten Free Power Balls

2 Cups of peanut butter*

1 Cup Quaker gluten free oats

1 Cup unsweetened shredded coconut

1 Cup Prana ProactivChia (ground)

Lots of cinnamon**

Mix all ingredients, allow to firm up in fridge (about an hour), then roll into 1 inch balls.

I place them on a cookie sheet and freeze them overnight before putting them into Tupperware. I prefer to eat mine frozen because they are less gooey.

*Peanut Butter – Jif peanut butter is gluten free. I also use Kraft, it is not declared as gluten free but it has never upset my stomach. Use your own judgment on which peanut butter is best for you.

** I use Dion spices because they are labelled gluten free. 


There are tons and I have no doubt you will create your own.

Some of mine are:

– using ground flax instead of chia, it is less bitter

– adding in some cocoa powder (pure) – Hershey’s

– adding Hershey’s Chipets, semi-sweet (always gluten free)

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