Old El Paso Crunchy Taco Shells

I ate Old El Paso crunchy taco shells long before I was gluten free. Thankfully they are gluten free so I continue to enjoy them from time to time. I love the crunch they bring to every bite of my taco.
I had tacos for dinner tonight. This is one way I jazz up my tacos for something a little different but equally delicious!

I spread sour cream along the bottom of the taco shell to ensure its presence in each bite. Then a layer of baby spinach, I use spinach instead of lettuce because it has so many more nutrients. Last but not least, I fill the remainder of the shell with my 2 beans and corn chili. Yes, I said Chili! I have many different ways I like to prepare tacos. I already had leftover chili in the fridge, so it just made sense to adapt and use it. They were delicious!

What do you put on your tacos?

You can find my chili recipe under the recipes category, by typing chili in the search engine or by clicking the gluten free recipes tag below.


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