Gluten and Your Teeth

As a young adult, I practiced good oral hygiene. Because I brushed and flossed routinely, you can imagine how confused I was when the dentist told me I had cavities. I’m not just talking about one cavity… In one particular visit, I was told I had five cavities. I had a really hard time understanding why this was happening. The dentist told me I had weak enamel, but gave no particular reason for why that may be. I even had fluoride treatments, actually, at age 45 I still have fluoride treatments.

It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Naturally, I read as much as I possibly could on the subject. One day I came across a list of possible complications and low and behold there it was, “changes to enamel”. I was shocked but also a bit relieved because I knew I had been taking good care of my teeth. It wasn’t me, it was the gluten! Now, I can’t prove that twenty-something me was getting cavities due to undiagnosed celiac disease, but it just seemed to fit.

Why am I telling this story now?

Easy answer, 2 reasons:

  1. I just started blogging and now I have you to tell my story to.
  2. I read a fabulous article today that reminded me of my own tooth enamel journey.

I can’t post the article on this page because I didn’t write it. I did do some research online and apparently, I am allowed to post a link for you to read this article.

Click here to read article.

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