Glucose Syrup

Glucose Syrup is found in many processed sweet treats. It can also be referred to as confectioner’s glucose. It looks a lot like a light coloured honey. Glucose is commonly derived from corn and is often referred to as corn syrup in the US. It can also be made from wheat, potatoes, barley, rice and, cassava (Wikipedia).

In many countries the starch that glucose syrup is derived from is not indicated on product label. This makes it harder for people with celiac disease. If you are unsure of the source of the ingredient, call the company. They may or may not know. If they do not know then there is a chance the product is not gluten free and you should reconsider whether or not you want to purchase it. I have purchased many products with glucose and corn syrup over the years. I always assumed that it was safe for me to eat. A few years back I discovered for the first time that glucose syrup can be made from wheat.

Here is my story on wheat in glucose.

It was Christmas time about 5 or 6 years ago. I was purchasing my favourite box of chocolates, which will remain nameless for now. I read the label carefully and did not see any mention of gluten in the ingredients. I was excited and bought them. After eating them I became ill with that familiar trio of gas, bloating and pain. Because I have IBS, I assumed that I ate too many and that was the reason for my symptoms. The following year, I went to grab another box and once again read the label. This time, beside the word glucose syrup in brackets, were the words wheat. I was devastated. Not only could I no longer have these delicious treats but I knew that gluten had been the source of my trio of symptoms the previous year. I learned 2 important things that year.

1. Glucose syrup can be made from wheat.

2. Read labels on products you have bought more than once, labels and ingredients can change.

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