Carbonaut Gluten Free Bread

Rating: 4 pugs
What do I like about this bread? It is only 40 calories per slice! This is the least amount of calories I have ever seen for a slice of gluten free bread. With 2.5 g of fat, 15 g of carbohydrates, 14 g of fibre, 0 g of cholesterol, 0 g of sugar, and only 115 mg of sodium, this is a solid slice of bread.

This plant based bread is also Keto and Non GMO. If you are looking to cut down on bread without cutting down on bread… give this a try.


  1. Hi there! I’ve bought this bread a few times, and despite enjoying the flavour and texture, it really upsets my stomach, likely due to the HIGH fibre content (14g/slice🫣). Have you ever had any issues?


    • I’ve never had that problem, but I only bought it twice so I could rate it. If you are near the Niagara Region, there is a bakery that makes the most incredible bread. It feels, smells, and tastes like bread, and you don’t have to toast it to stop it from falling apart.


      • Fair enough— I’m hoping to find other reviews describing the gut issues because the discomfort is pretty gnarly!

        Oh cool, I live in British Columbia, but have family out East. I’d love the Niagara bakery name, that sounds good I’m curious about their ingredients!


      • Oh man you’re so right— the packaging does look identical of gluten and not! Ah well I definitely have overdone fibre in the past (psyllium, chia, flax, unhulled hemp) and my gut does get irritated. But I think you might’ve nailed something in that I had quite a bit of collagen yesterday (i actually didn’t have any of the carbonaut bread yday).

        And thank you for that link!


      • Fair enough, I’m hoping to find others with similar issues because the discomfort was pretty gnarly.
        I’d love the Niagara info— I’m curious about their ingredients— I live in British Columbia but have family out East!


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