Wholly Veggie Kung Pao Broccoli (Tempura Style Florets)

Rating: 4 Pugs
The box says crispy tempura broccoli, and that is exactly what you get. I was impressed by how crispy the batter was coming out of the oven. It stays crisp even after it starts to cool. The broccoli is a bit on the “too soft” for my liking side. I am not a huge broccoli fan, but I still really enjoyed this dish.

I did not enjoy the sauce. It comes with a pouch of Kung Pao sauce. The flavour of the sauce was ok, but the consistency was too gelatinous. You couldn’t really use it as a dip, you had to spread it on. I think it would be better to use your own did, perhaps a sweet Thai chili sauce!

This snack is also vegan, soy free, GMO free, and dairy free with no artificial flavours or colours.

I saw two other varieties in the store that were both cauliflower. One was Ranch and the other was Buffalo. I think I would prefer the cauliflower ones just because I prefer them as a vegetable.

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