Amy’s Indian Mattar Paneer

Rating: 4 Pugs

Do you love the intoxicating flavours of Indian cuisine as much as I do? If so, here is one dish you will enjoy. Amy’s Indian Mattar Paneer is delightful and has all of the flavours I expect to be found in Indian cuisine.

Basmati rice, curried peas, chana masala with paneer cheese. Sounds yummy and it is. This dish contains 84% organic ingredients. I read the ingredient list and it pretty much has the same ingredients you would use if you were making it at home. It has only 370 calories, 6g of fibre, and 13g of protein. This meal makes a nice lunch! You can’t see the cheese in the picture but it is there (under the peas).

Check out more of Amy’s delicious meals at

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