McDonald’s Canada

There are plenty of gluten free options at McDonald’s in Canada

You have to understand that cross-contamination is a possibility, the following items do not contain gluten (According to McDonald’s Canada Online Allergen Information)

Beef Patties – Sausage Patties – Eggs – Bacon – Hashbrowns – French Fries – Poutine – Coffee – Latte – Cappucino – Mocha – Fruit Smoothies – Milk Shakes – Ice Cream Sundaes (The M&M and Skor McFlurry do not contain gluten but they are mixed using the same equipment as the Oreo McFlurry)

What do I typically order when I am at McDonalds?

Breakfast: Egg McMuffin without the English muffin. I will either ask them to place it in between 2 slices of tomato (the tomato bun) or I will order 2 hashbrowns and place the egg in between for a delicious sandwich.

Lunch/Dinner: 1/4 pounder without the bun, either wrapped in lettuce or between 2 slices of tomato. Fries and a soft drink. Sometimes I order the Poutine (they use cornstarch instead of wheat flour for thickening).

Some Countries in Europe have gluten free buns. I spent 2 days in Barcelona and I enjoyed an actual hamburger on a bun and an Egg McMuffin on a bun (they don’t have gluten free English Muffins.

Unfortunately, Big Mac Sauce does contain gluten, so steer clear of that yummy special sauce.

You may have to pay for substitutions 

If the restaurant is corporate-owned they will not charge you for the lettuce or tomato bun. If the restaurant is franchised owned they can choose to charge you. Personally, I think having to pay .50 cents for tomatoes is criminal, especially when they are saving money on the bun. You can always order takeout and when you get home place the burger on a gluten free bun.

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