Maltose is a type of sugar that can be derived from different grains. The name is intimidating because it starts with the word “Malt.” I emailed several different celiac associations around the world, just to see if they all agreed on the subject of Maltose being gluten free. They all came back, in different wording, saying maltose is safe for celiacs.

The following example is the message I received from the National Celiac Association.

Hi Stacey,  Maltose is made from hydrolyzed starch. It is commonly made from corn, but can be made from gluten-containing grains, however even when maltose is derived from gluten-containing grains it is so highly processed that there is no protein left.  We recommend to always consume products that are labeled gluten-free. When a product is labeled gluten-free it has to adhere to the FDA requirement of less than 20 ppm gluten.” 

Having this answer makes me feel so much better when I am reading labels, that being said, I agree that we should always try to buy products that are certified gluten free!

National Celiac Association

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