I Call It The Tomato Bun!

Whether you are out of gluten free buns/bread, or just feel like cutting down on carbs. The tomato bun is nutritious and adds a nice juicy crunch to your burger. You can ask for the tomato bun when you are at a restaurant. You will probably have to explain what it is, but if they have fresh tomatoes they can make it happen.

Sometimes I crave an Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s. I ask for it in a tomato bun. They look at me like I have 3 eyes, but once I explain myself, they prepare it that way for me. Some locations will charge you for the tomatoes. I think this is outrageous because they are saving money on the bun. I got so irritated by it, one time I called the head office. They said they would never charge for a substitution like that for people who have to eat gluten free; however, if a store is a franchise, the owner can do whatever they want.

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