Spinach Protein Smoothie

What’s in my smoothie? That changes from day to day depending on what kind of fruit I have in the freezer. You don’t have to use frozen fruit; I do because I like my smoothies to be more like an icy milkshake.

The recipe is simple, and I am sure you have all made smoothies similar, if not the same as mine.

1/2 a banana
3/4 cup of frozen fruit (today I used cherries)
Spinach, stuff as much as you can in there
1/2 scoop of gluten free unflavoured protein whey powder*
Blue Diamond unsweetened vanilla almond milk (fill until 1″ from the top, or until ingredients are covered)

Blend until all ingredients are pulverized leaving a milkshake texture.

*I use Kaizen Naturals unflavoured whey protein powder. You can put a full scoop in. I don’t because I have a protein sensitivity and have to break up my protein consumption throughout the day.

Smoothies aren’t just great for breakfast, they are anytime you feel like a cold, nutritious, icy drink. Skip those icecaps and make a smoothie instead.

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